Consul General NAKAGAWA Koichi attends Kikkoman Soy sauce PR event

Consul General NAKAGAWA Koichi attends Kikkoman soy sauce PR event on July 12, 2023
On July 12, 2023, Mr. NAKAGAWA Koichi, Consul General of Japan in Kolkata, attended a say sauce PR event organized by Kikkoman India Private Limited held at the Glenburn Penthouse in Kolkata. Mr. KOSATO Hakuei, Director, Kikkoman India Private Limited, Mr. KATAGIRI Tsuneya, Country Manager India, All Nippon Airways, and representatives from local media, hotels and restaurants were also present. Consul General NAKAGAWA enjoyed conversations over unique and tasty dishes cooked with Kikkoman naturally brewed all-purpose soy sauce.
In his speech Consul General NAKAGAWA mentioned that Kikkoman soy sauce, made by using traditional methods, is now being used in more and more cuisines around the world and is helping expand the culinary genre and adding new values. Consul General wishes to extend continuous support to their effort to internationalize soy sauce.