Kotsuzumi and Tea Ceremony

In collaboration with Consulate General of Japan in Kolkata, the Paschimbanga Bangla Akademi organized "Kotsuzumi" demonstration by Grandmaster Genjiro Okura and "Chado" demonstration by Master Sosei Ajioka at Rabindra Okakura Bhavan, Salt Lake City, Kolkata on 22 Februrary 2018.
During his first visit to Kolkata, Genjiro Okura, the 16th Grandmaster of "Okura" school of "Kotsuzumi-kata" and living National Treasure of Japan, performed "Kotsuzumi" (a traditional Japanese hand held drum) and explained Japanese history and culture through "Kotsuzumi".

Sosei Ajioka, Professor of "Urasenke" school, Tradition of Tea Associate, accompanied Grandmaster Okura's visit and also performed "Chado" (the way of tea).

People from various parts of Kolkata poured in to the venue to stand witness to two very unique and special traditions of Japan.
Grandmaster Genjiro Okura and Tea Master Sosei Ajioka also demonstrated their respective traditions at:
Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan on 23 February 2018
Official residence of Consul General of Japan on 25 February 2018