Japanese Pianist performs at Bishnupur and Bankura


Japanese Pianist, Ms. Yukiko Kusunoki played piano at Jamunabandh Leprosy colony in Bishnupur on 25.03.23 and also at Nabajibanpur in Bankura on 26.03.23. The events were organized by a Japanese NPO called WAPPINESS in association with Consulate General of Japan in Kolkata under the kind initiative of Mr. Tsuyoshi Honda.

Ms. Kusunoki played a good number of songs focusing on an array of topics ranging from Sakura in Japan and cold wintry nights of Europe especially of Norway to the spring of Europe and Japan. The audience were mesmerized to listen to the traditional and modern music on anime characters such as Doraemon and Demon Slayer. The performances ended with the keyboard and vocal recitals of Tagore songs. The events witnessed the deep appreciation by the audience whose spontaneous applause added to the success of the event. The session ended with some origami demonstration by Ms. Kusunoki.